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Planning Gain


Do you own a piece of land or large garden that may have potential for development?

Land that’s suitable as a building plot for a house or houses can be a lucrative opportunity for the owner if it’s approached in the correct way. GP Architectural Services Ltd specialises in working with such landowners to obtain the maximum amount of profit from their spare land.

Case Study 1 – Burgh Castle, Norfolk

Client A had owned a piece of waste ground for several years. A top estimate of the land’s value at the time was circa £50k. GP Architectural Services Ltd submitted plans and obtained planning permission for 5 houses on the plot, subsequently netting the landowner £100k profit per plot.

Case Study 2 – Gorleston

Client B owned a property worth £220k with a decent sized (but not huge) garden. GPAS applied for and obtained planning permission for a dwelling on part of the garden, which the client sold for £60k. After a slight (10K) reduction in the value of his home, he netted a nice £50k profit.

How it Works

In the initial stages we’ll assess your land and work out your most profitable option. For example, depending on the area and size of your plot, that could be one house, 6 executive homes, or 15 terraced houses. We’ll then design and submit the plans we deem the most likely to be successful and financially rewarding.

No Win – No Fee

Our planning gain service can be paid for in two ways.

  • We can work on a set price for the design and planning.
  • We can work on a no-win, no-fee basis, taking an agreed percentage of the final profits.

The second option can be useful if funds are limited, and you’d like to free up some cash from the land you have sitting there doing nothing. Of course, the choice is always yours.

Investors at the ready

If you don’t currently have the funds at your disposal to develop your plot, that’s not a problem. We have potential investors ready to help you realise the maximum return.